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How to leap miles in front of your competition.

Get Dec to look at your recording skills, writing skills..... show you the quickest way to stardom.

A full day's Consultation with Dec ... he will show you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong ... this is a total short cut to fame and fortune.

From: Dec Cluskey
RE: 'One Day Consultation With Dec'

Dear Music Maker,

What if you could get Dec to jump in his car, drive to your house, spend the whole day discussing your home studio set up ... your method for writing songs and recording them?

What if he showed up on your door to tell you the latest recording and producing tricks in a full day of 'no holds barred' questions and answers ... you ask the questions, Dec answers them ... all day long. Leaving no step unturned so that you have the latest and best recording skills?

What if he sat and talked through your whole method for writing and composing ... giving you the tricks and methodology for writing that all time great smash hit?

He will start from scratch at your home and analyse your whole set up ... be that just simple songwriting or a full Pro Tools recording studio.

What will that all do for your income and your fame?

You can continue on for the next ten years as you are ... learning from your mistakes and just adding to your frustration daily ... OR ... you can have Dec come to you and give you the 'short cut' of a life time ....

Who is Dec?

He's had more hits than hot dinners ... he's had two in the Top Five at the same time ... a very distinquished club to belong to. He mixes with the best, awarded as one of the ten most influential music makers in the last forty years.

Two gold albums in 2008.

Touring World-Wide ....

Keeping up with a hectic schedule of performing, producing, writing and addressing audiences on the most important music matters of the day .... currently the 'Truth in Music' bill - recently passed into law in the USA [stopping illegal tribute bands]

You Can Start With This >

And End With This >

What Will Dec Discuss with You?

Dec will sit down and give you the best 'today' advice:

1) What computer to use .... PC or Mac

2) What power computer do you need to run a mega studio

3) What music programme? Cubase? Reason? Cakewalk? Logic 8? ProTools?

4) What programmes do the top Pros use?

5) Stand Alone Effects hardware or computer based software? What do the Pros use?

6) Why compressors are the 'secret weapons' of Hit making!

7) What keyboards and sound modules are essential [and where to source them at the right price]

8) What monitor speakers?

9) What screens to use? One, two or three?

10) How to wire up a full studio in the most efficient way and start recording fast.

Dec will bust right open the myths surrounding microphones. He will save you a total £fortune by stopping you wasting money on irrelevant equipment.

What do you get?

  • A full day [12 noon to 7pm] in the company of a world expert on the Recording Industry at your home
  • A full CD of comment, analysis, evaluation and ways forward recorded by Dec from notes he will take while with you
  • A 17 page reference book written by Dec about your methodology, comments, evaluation and advice
  • A complete run down on your equipment, the good points and the not so good points
  • The best advice on what you need to go forward, equipment wise and knowledge wise.
Do You Dream of Making Hit Records
in Your Studio Every Single Day?

Every single day, you could be improving and improving with Dec's expert advice on your writing and recording.

In a studio just like yours.

Just think of what you could do if even one of your tracks charted?

You can see just how much potential a 'One Day Consultation With Dec' has, can't you?

With a 'One Day Consultation With Dec' you can have direct access to the man himself, all to yourself, in the comfort of your own home .... no holds barred.

Where else can you get direct access to advice, encouragement and expertise like this??

The real benefit to you is how you can get going straight away - knowing that your equipment will be tailored to making Hit Records, it will be Industry Standard and as capable as the kit used by the top music earners in the world.

Your Simple Step By Step Hit Making System!



What exactly is this?

This one of a kind, step by step 'One Day Consultation With Dec' will walk you through everything you need to know about writing and creating Hit Music.

Lasting a full 7 hours, this all day Consultation will show you exactly how to:

  • Set up your own home recording studio for maximum efficiency in making Hits

  • Make your music even more attractive to your fans and even more sellable

  • Set up a Hit Making factory right in your own home!

  • Record other music maker's demos and even potential Hits

  • Use your music to boost your income

  • Establish yourself as a reliable music maker to record other music!

  • Get a steady stream of fans following you and waiting for your next release

  • Set up your recording studio on autopilot so that it gets that 'Hit Music' sound

  • And much more!

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What will you learn?

Over the course of this 'One Day Consultation with Dec', you will learn everything you need to know in order to create your very own Hit Music. This is...

The MOST Comprehensive Consultation Ever!

All in all, this is truly the most comprehensive Consultation you will find on writing and making Hit Music. You won't find anything like this available that will give you even half the knowledge you will get.

In this One Day Consultation With Dec a top Hit Maker reveals everything about how to set up, customize and promote your Potential Hit Music.

You'll learn how to monetize your music output, how to build your hit making capabilities and how to set up your Hit Recording Studio geared totally to Hit Making!

This is a complete One Day Consultation of the highest quality. It is literally you sitting next to me in your home and I'm explaining completely how to gear your writing and recording to making Hit after Hit. This level of quality is never, ever found in the Music Industry. If you can find it, let me know?

You can continue doing what you have always done to frustrate yourself every day in your quest to make sellable, commercial music or you can take advantage of an opportunity to have a World Expert come to your home and show you first hand.

The potential for you is limitless from 'One Day Consultation With Dec'.

This Is Completely Risk-Free!

When you purchase One Day Consultation with Dec you will have a full 60 days to review what Dec has taught you together with the CD and Consultation summary he has sent you the to ensure your satisfaction.

I'm 100% confident you'll be absolutely delighted with everything you'll learn from this high quality Consultation.

You are covered by my iron clad, no quibbles money-back satisfaction guarantee which means if you're not totally delighted with this One Day Consultation you get a rapid and courteous refund!


(This Offer Will Expire Anytime)

The original price for this will be £1,000 but for a limited time only as a marketing test, "One Day Consultation With Dec" is now yours for just a ONE-TIME   £1,000   800   600   500

I suggest you grab this now as the price will revert back without warning.

With this in your arsenal, you can discover everything about writing and creating Hit Music in your own Home Recording Studio and be setting up your own Hit Making Factory to dominate the market place in no time flat!

Click the button below now and invest in this right now - you deserve the best and this is your chance to grab your future with both hands and make it what you want it to be...


One more thing!

To make the deal extra sweet, I'm offering this BONUS for a limited time...

A full Demo Consultation [see Demo Consultation]

Dec will record a full Demo Consultation of One of Your Tracks as an added bonus to this 'One Day Consultation with Dec' (Including a Copyright Certificate and professional 17 page Evaluation) -

A Total Value Of £57.70

(Available For A Very Limited Time Only!)

I'm looking forward to working with you and to help you create your own profitable Hit Music, which you can set up almost on autopilot using the techniques I show you.

You can keep doing what you have always done and get the same results...

Or you can change what you are doing and join the elite band of Hit Makers who make serious Dosh every day of their lives.

This 'One Day Consultation with Dec' could change how you do your music business FOREVER.

With "One Day Consultation with Dec" it really is that easy!

To Your Success!
Dec Cluskey and the Makehits team

PS. This Consultation is completely risk free for you - you have a whole 60 days to sense the benefits of this amazing opportunity.

PPS. Take advantage of this incredible 'One Day Consultation With Dec'and tap into a marketplace of millions of eager music lovers craving the next mega hit. And that Hit could be yours. What could this do to increase your income?

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