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"I just received 'One minute With Dec - The First Annual' plus the two Interactive CD' brain is buzzing...thank you Dec" [Jim Clarke Member No: STR 0479030W ]

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"So You Can't Make Real Money From Your Music?"

I Can Fix that!

Reading this could REALLY change your music career forever.

It's ready.....the first, fully interactive 'music making' book with TWO AUDIO Interactive CD's - ever. 143 pages of money spinning advice and 147 minutes of AUDIO - know-how and tricks from today's top guys. 'One Minute With Dec'-The First Annual

  • "Do you want your music to make you financially free?

  • "Do you want to end your money pressures forever?

  • "Do you want to build a lifetime stream of residual income?

    If you said yes, do you know how to make it happen...... this year? Your music could do all this for you, with the right know-how, the right advice, from today's music makers who do it every day.

    "This is the standard by which all future 'how to' music books will be judged...and they will fail miserably."

    You can learn from this 143 page collection of the mind blowing 'One Minute With Dec', beautifully presented and collated. Loaded with extra tips, know-how and up to the second MP3, Peoplesound, 'Music on the Internet', TV theme, Film Score, ideas. PLUS: the greatest, mind-blowing, TWO interactive audio CD's ever...the 'today' experts tell you how...then you can ring, fax or to Dec direct...fax him, Email him...he will reply, personally.

  • · Hear direct from 'Toploader' one trick led them straight to a Record Deal with Epic and world-wide chart success...what was the trick? Hear Dec and 'Toploader' drummer, Rob Green, discuss it, then call or Email Dec....easy.

  • · Hear, first hand, from the experts, Brian Bennett [how did he start? How did he write 'Summer Holiday'? How did he become a wealthy, 'today', respected film score writer? From being one of 'The Shadows' to world class Film Writer]

  • · Gordon Giltrap, the greatest acoustic guitar player in the world, hear him tell you his secret methods

  • · How to make £Millions from TV themes? Hear a multi millionaire writer tell how he does it, with no formal music writing training. What could you learn from him?

  • · Hear Shel Talmy, the legendary producer of 'The Kinks', 'The Who' talk with Dec about his current thoughts

  • · MP3, Peoplesound, the real story from a guy who has topped those charts so many does he do it?

  • · PD fortunes are made from this simple technique of finding an old song

  • · Copyrighting...the old chestnut, hear a Member of The Serious Writers Guild worry herself to death...with Dec!

    Interactive? Of course! Is Dec available? Of course!

    Read a page...then call Dec on his private, direct number, straight to his studio, ask him to explain that little secret you didn't know about. Listen to Dec and his $fortune making music pals on the TWO interactive CD's, then Email him with your very own, special worry...he WILL answer that Email. And if Dec doesn't know the answer, he will find out from his many friends at the sharp end of successful music making. He'll get back to you within 24 hours...that's his promise.

    The greatest benefit of 'One Minute With Dec - The First Annual'?

    Is the time you will save in reaching your goal. Dec gives you dozens of short cuts to successful music making, music writing, producing, performing. You will get it straight from the horse's mouth....not theory...pure, proven factual 'today' methods that have worked for Dec, for Rod Stewart, Elton, Dr. Dre, 'Destiny's Child', Robbie, Atomic Kitten, Eminem.

    How did John Dartnell land a major part in the new 'Harry Potter' film?

    Hear John and Dec tell the method.

    How did he get to record and produce a Cathedral choir?

    You can learn how 'Boniface' signed with Sony for £500,000 (with Dec's advice), Kas bought a new Porshe, is touring Japan, 'Deeajay' signed with EMI. Learn how 'Indian Rope Man' got his first chance (yes, through Dec). Learn how Derek sold 100,000 of his first album after joining the Guild with Dec.

    This interactive book and TWO AUDIO CD's will save you so much money. Dec's made a vow to warn music guys against being taken for a ride. He loves showing money saving and money making ideas that will get the $dollars rolling in.

    This deal will not only improve your songwriting, performing, recording and producing but it will IMPROVE YOUR LIFE. Yes Dec, inadvertently, has the knack of turning people's lives around. He just naturally makes you feel good.

    "Whether you write it, record it, or produce it - a HIT song gives you immortality"

    Just in case you don't know Dec's background:

    He is one of that elite gang who have had two hits in the top five at the one time. His band outsold the Beatles two years running ['64, '65]. His band had the biggest viewing audience ever on 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium' with Brucie. He has just released his 61st [yes, sixty first] album. He jams with Brian May, joins Johnny Mathis, Howard Keel and Paul Williams on stage, has dinner with Prince Philip, Prince Michael....yep! He continues to tour world-wide to total standing ovations and loves nothing more than helping guys who just ask for his help. His band is the band all others go to watch and learn from.

    ORDER NOW - The Next 150 orders will get TWO BONUSES

    BONUS #1: You will hear the first six of Dec's Internationally acclaimed 'Three Minutes on the Radio with Dec'.

    BONUS #2 [worth $29.95]: You will also get a copy of "An Alternative Viewpoint in Music That Works" that contains the mind blowing method to get your database from ZERO to 3000 in months.

    A warning from Dec: "If you are looking for a pretty book, a 'how to get rich quick scheme' then don't even bother to buy this book and DOUBLE interactive CD. It will not work for you. This book is only for those who know that this is a tough deal, a tough business, a tough, killer, profession. However, if you are looking for excellent, quality, advice then this is for you. If you are after a $Million or two without any hard work then keep buying the manuals or searching the Net.

    Using this book/CD you will not 'get rich quick' - I guarantee that. You will make a decent living with a lot of application, you will make a terrific living with mighty application, and you will cross that boundary to making $Millions with extreme 110%, life absorbing, will get that thrill of being an invincible force in the Music Industry...I dare you...try it! It will lead you to musical immortality."

    RegardsWant to know about Dec?

    PS: best comment..."Pay close attention because the most important thing is the thing you don't know."

    PPS: you owe it to yourself to give your music career the best shot…and this book and DOUBLE Interactive CD is the best shot ever - and totally guaranteed.

    PPPS: your music life will never be the same again - you will be a true, music making expert.

    ORDER NOW? Secure server encrypted payment system on next page

    Dec's legendary, 'NO QUIBBLE REFUND' guarantee applies

    Convinced? Want to order quick?


    As safe as buying from your corner shop

    “Or just fill in the it to ‘The Serious Writers Guild’, Stanton Prior, Darley Road, Meads, Eastbourne BN20 7UH in the can be 'buzzing' by the end of the week!”

    Get in touch with Dec, direct? Speak to a 'real person'...that's a promise.

    Do we need to repeat Dec’s legendary guarantee?


    The Serious Writers Guild

    Stanton Prior

    Darley Road


    Eastbourne BN20 7UH

    In The United Kingdom

    When you get involved with DEC you get stunning advice, today's methods for writing music, making music and promoting it. 24/7 access to the man himself. And you get a 'LIFETIME' guarantee.

    If you ever pay DEC for anything, if you are not happy at anytime in your life with the product then return it for a complete, no-quibble, courteous refund! DEC means it!

    That's not only a guarantee it's a personal promise

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