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"Inner Circle materials are very good. I am beginning to put the moneymaking aspects into practice and can see a way forward. Thank you."

Rene Smith
Sutton Coldfield







“I am on my way to becoming debt-free!   Best wishes.”

Ian Dudbridge






"Since reading Inner Circle I now work half the hours I used to, but earn more. I hadn't had a foreign holiday in 7 years; this year the family went to Malta and we purchased a time share for £9000. I drive a better car and have spent thousands on house improvements! Since reading Inner Circle I am a different person."

K Ingram

The Inner Circle

"I learned more about making money from this course than even a course on finance. I loved every minute of Inner Circle and learned so much."

Doreen Murphy

Your Personal Guide


By now I am sure you are familiar with who I am, and what I do.  Just in case you’re still in the dark, let me fill you in.   My name is John Seiffer, and I coach people to achieve wealth, power and freedom.

I am one of the leading Life Coaches in the UK.  My time is divided between my coaching practice and my role as course advisor to the largest coaching school in Europe.  Having worked with many different people I am constantly struck by one thing!  Without a doubt we all share the same goals and aspirations…

Its remarkable how deep down we all crave the same things: money and time to pursue what is important to us, along with peace of mind.   Unfortunately many of us do not have the choice about whether we go to work or not.   Instead it is a necessary evil.  Many people are not even able to put money aside for a rainy day, as others have already claimed their ‘fair’ share!  So here we are, stuck on a treadmill, which shows no sign of slowing down.   If anything it is speeding up, taunting you, making you run faster and sweat harder.  But to what end?

Would You like to Discover
How to Break Free?

Being a Life Coach I am often asked whether I am aware of anything which can help one break free from this hopeless rut.  The simple answer to this question is YES!  But unfortunately for some the option of being personally coached is beyond their financial reach.  So what becomes of these people?

Now lets face it, if you’re in this position you don’t have the financial clout to help move yourself forward.  Think about this…  even if you wanted to open up a chip shop you would need about £150,000!   And what would be your return on frying potatoes all day long?  The fact of the matter is this.  If you want to become financially independent in order to create the time and means to do what you truly desire, then you need to take control of your destiny.  Lady Luck is not sitting there deciding whether she’ll shower you with good fortune.  That is your decision!


You need 3 things in place before you start making serious money:

•  KNOWLEDGE of Your Business

•  VISION to Use Your Knowledge

•  GUTS to Realise Your Vision

Where do you start out on the road to wealth, power and freedom?  Simple!  Just copy what other already successful people are doing.  In fact this will be common knowledge to you if you are familiar with people like Tony Robbins.  Tony believes that the most effective way to learn something isn’t by going to college, but by modelling yourself on successful people.  Now this is where things get exciting!

I have some fantastic news!

The person who I have carefully modelled myself on has retired at the grand old age of 50.  Stuart Goldsmith is a genius in business, and a lot of that genius has rubbed off onto his course the Inner Circle.  As you will soon discover, this programme is one of the most profound courses you will ever come across.  Please take some time to read the many testimonials.  They will show you how people have benefited from studying the Inner Circle, and how it has changed their lives in many different ways.

I am going to briefly pass you over to Stuart again, so that you may get a good feel for what this is all about.  Remember you are most welcome to get in touch with me at any point if you have any questions.  You will find my e-mail address at the bottom of each page in this report.


One last thing.  This tends to be a busy time of year with new students coming on board.  Therefore if you are interested in applying for a place I would highly recommend you get in touch with us as soon as possible to register.  As Stuart mentioned earlier, there is a limit to the number of students we have at any given time.

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