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"Well, it's like this. I have a lot more money and time on my hands now than before, and I can certainly walk on the grass now. Ha ha!"

Craig Sawyer Northumberland




"As a result of reading Inner Circle we now own a second house (which we rent out) and look forward to buying two new cars when we return from holiday."

William Shannahan Binfield





“Your leadership is totally inspiring.   Debts have long since disappeared from my life and I am well on my way to accumulating a nice sum.”

Rory Waterer

The Inner Circle

"If you are considering enrolling, then sign up today. You will not be disappointed. This will probably be the
cheapest but most productive investment you
will ever make in your life."

Mark Yates, Vice President

Berkley & Associates, Alabama, USA

Your Own Personal 'Money-Pump'

Although power and freedom are desirable, most Inner Circle subscribers are interested, primarily, in making money.  There are only two legal ways to make a lot of money:

i) Start and run your own business.

ii) Sit back and rely on luck (lottery, pools, marrying into money or being left a large inheritance).

There are no other legal ways and you certainly will never make the big bucks working for someone else - in case you hadn't noticed!  So one of the urgent tasks I will be putting my mind to is finding you a 'money- pump' business which suits you and at which you can make a lot more money than at present.  Ideally you should aim to work half as hard and get twice the money.   Hundreds of thousands of people do exactly this, so why not you?  I am assuming that you are not the sort of person to rely on luck but want to steer your own 'ship of prosperity' instead of drifting with the tide.

By 'money-pump' business, I mean a business with four special characteristics:

i) Ideally suited to you and your personality.  This will be individual to you and so Inner Circle members are offered hundreds of different proven 'money-pump' businesses to chose from.

ii) A 'money-pump' which keeps pumping wealth into your account, day and night, with minimum attendance and work from you.  (All businesses require some work of course, so if you are not prepared to put some real energy into making yourself wealthy, the Circle is definitely not for you.)

iii) A business which can be run from home initially and started with absolute rock-bottom minimum money - preferably zero.  90% of Inner Circle members are flat broke when they join.  Let's face it, it's easy to make money if you have a lot already.

iv) A business which offers at minimum double your present salary.  Preferably ten times.  It should also have the potential to make you independently wealthy one day.   By 'independently wealthy' I mean you have enough 'in the bank' so that you can live off the interest and never have to work again if you don't want to.  Currently, the absolute minimum you need to count yourself in this category is £250,000.

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