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"As a result of absorbing and using your overall philosophy, my music business continues to grow and flourish. I hope life is as good as usual for you - it certainly is for me. Thank you very much."

Fiona Maurice-Smith









“Ten months ago I had four credit cards (debts) of £4,000- £5,000 each.   I was earning £8.50 an hour and had to live in a hovel of a home.   To date I have paid off all my credit cards and have a lovely new home.   Within the next year or two I will be debt-free.   I would like to thank you for the past ten months.   It has had a great impacton my life.”

Stuart Pike







“I am way beyond being merely satisfied with what I have received.   The information is potentially worth thousands of times the cost price.   Ironically, my father (who is very wealthy) tried to teach me many of the same lessons but of course I, as a young man, knew best! I have already made the move to start my own business.   This is going reasonably well – turnover £400,000 in the last eight months.   Once again – thanks.”

Frazer Fearnhead





"Since reading Inner Circle I now work half the hours I used to, but earn more. I hadn't had a foreign holiday in 7 years; this year the family went to Malta and we purchased a time share for £9000. I drive a better car and have spent thousands on house improvements! Since reading Inner Circle I am a different person."

K Ingram


'How One of the Smartest Business

Gurus on the Planet Can Help YOU to

Make Your Fortune'

Imagine Waking Up Each Morning to a Torrent of Envelopes all Crammed with Cheques, Stuffed with Cash and Postal Orders - Hundreds of Them, Pouring Through Your Letterbox –

Now That's What I Call A
Good Start To The Day!


“Inner Circle provided the most Powerful Advantage in how to

Out-think, Out-perform and Out-wit

All Opposition!  
In short, How to Succeed Against
Overwhelming Odds.”
      Willam Joyce, St Helens 


“Now is a good time to tell you what you have done
for me. A year and a half ago I was £140,000
in debt. I had lost my sense of direction and was
going through life like a ship which had lost its
steering. This year I will clear £100,000 profit,
and I now drive a super Volvo Estate.
Beautiful. I am very happy.”

                                                     John Golder, Shrops, United Kingdom


Inner Circle


I would like to extend to you my special invitation to join my unique Inner Circle group.

Who am I?

My name is John Seiffer, and recently I discovered something which completely blew me away!  I was exposed to a system that wrenched away an invisible blindfold, which until not so long ago had prevented me from moving forward in life.  Along with this I was given a clear step-by-step guide on how to build up my own very successful business.

'Up until this point I had only ever dreamed of
making something of myself...'

It was at times a rude awakening!  But very soon I realised that most people are sleepwalking their way through life as I was.  It was a relief to notice that I wasn't the only one.   Now I didn’t feel quite as pathetic and embarrassed by my utter inability to live the life of my choice.  It was time to move on!

I will make a calculated guess that you and I have something in common... or at least we did have.  Right now true freedom, power and wealth seem to remain mysteriously beyond your reach.  Unless of course you’ve had the fortunate opportunity like I had.  The chance to have someone grab you by the shoulders and whisper the secrets which unlock riches. 


The Man Who Will Tear Away
At Your Cosy Little World!


Let me introduce you to my good friend Stuart Goldsmith.  Stuart is the man who tore away at my cosy little world and replaced it with an exciting and expansive universe full of opportunities.  

The name of the system which Stuart has put together is called:

The Inner Circle

The big difference between you and me is that I had the benefit of knowing for certain that Stuart Goldsmith is an extremely powerful and wealthy man who knows what he is talking about.  Therefore I didn’t spend too much time feeling sceptical about him.  This is because a great pal of mine called Dec Cluskey introduced me to him.  Therefore Stuart had instant credibility.


You may be familiar with Dec, as he is a major force in the music industry.  In fact he sold more records than ‘The Beatles’ in 1964 and 1965 with his band, ‘The Bachelors’.  He is now a mentor and producer to many rising and established stars.  In fact if you’re a budding musician who is looking to make money in the music industry then you can visit his website by clicking on the link below.

Anyway back to the story.  Some years ago Stuart wrote down that he was going to retire with ‘X’ million in the bank by the age of fifty.  That date has arrived, and now Stuart is stepping down having become a multi-millionaire.  At first I felt happy for him that he had achieved his goal, but then I developed a nagging feeling.  

I thought it was a shame that people like yourself would be missing out on claiming their fair share of freedom, power and wealth.  I am glad to say Stuart had already taken this into consideration.  He wasn’t going to abandon ship altogether.  He had decided to pass the business over to a group of trusted former students who had now become masters of his technique.  The torch has been passed on, and now it is over to me to pick out some special individuals who are ready to wake up to unimaginable wealth, freedom and power, only enjoyed by the elite few.

So here we stand sizing each other up, you wondering whether this thing called the Inner Circle is as powerful as I am telling you.  And here I am wondering whether you are the kind of person I am looking for who might be able to rise to the challenge...?

Before we make any decisions, why don’t you hear what Stuart has to say...


Breaking Your Mould

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