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"A brilliant course. Do not miss the opportunity to do this course. It's a MUST if you want a life!"

Kaz Lemmon



"Many thanks for the most informative materials I have ever seen. Since receiving this information, my life has definitely improved and I now have an aim in life and am on the road to being financially secure."

D Perrett



The Inner Circle

"Through applying one simple idea you suggested to me I have made over 1000 profit in one month... And I owe this to your Inner Circle teachings and your expert advice.  I would highly recommend Inner Cirlce to anyone who is serious about making REAL money... You are The Man!"

                                       Steven Cowan, Bradwell


Here is my Honest Offer

Accept my invitation to join Inner Circle by completing the application page.  The cost is only 29.97/month (23.97 for UK residents when paying by standing order), for as long as you receive benefit from subscribing (you decide when to cancel).

The first month is fully refundable.  For my part, I will guide you via the monthly releases, and personally, in a sincere effort to help you to improve your life.

I am not promising fast cars, millions in the bank, mansions and exotic holidays, instantly for zero effort.  That's a fantasy.  I am promising truth, wisdom, hard practical moneymaking information, hundreds of proven business ideas, a chance to link in with other Initiates and a guiding shove from someone who walks the talk.  I've been coaching students for years.  I love doing this and will continue for as long as people seek my guidance.


My Guarantee To You Is This

If, after seeing the first month's materials you feel that Inner Circle is not for you, then you may leave, without penalty.  Your first payment will be refunded immediately and in full.  You may also keep the first lesson, Wealth Report and The Midas Method book, with my compliments, totally free of charge.

Thank you for reading this invitation and I look forward to welcoming you into the Circle.  Everything you need to make a decision is contained in this message.  If you decide not to join, then let me take this opportunity of wishing you every success in your life.

Warm Regards,

[ If you become a member of the Inner Circle , you will quickly realise from the course materials that I have very strong views about personal freedom (we don't have enough of it), and 'data' held about us by unauthorised people who might have an 'interest' in us. So let me state here and now that the ONLY data kept by me on Inner Circle members is a list of their names and addresses, together with a register of payments received, and course materials posted out. I keep NO OTHER DATA WHATSOEVER on Inner Circle members either on computer, or in 'hard copy' form. Also, no information concerning Inner Circle members is ever released, sold, rented or given to any third party ]

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