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"You are without doubt the leading teacher on wealth creation, freedom and personal success in the country today."

S Dunworth






"A brilliant course. Do not miss the opportunity to do this course. It's a MUST if you want a life!"

Kaz Lemmon





"I am writing to thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement at this exciting time in my life."

Kate White






“Through applying one simple idea you suggested to me I have made over £1000 profit in one month.   My business has gone from £300 a month to £1500 per month and rising.   And I owe this to your Inner Circle teachings and your expert advice. I would highly recommend Inner Circle to anyone who is serious about making REAL money. I cannot thank you enough Stuart – You are The Man!”

Steve Cowan

The Inner Circle

“If you really are willing to accept dramatic changes, and
have the courage to face up to your personal reality
and the realities around y
ou, then I sincerely believe
the unique Inner Circle course is the key to your
freedom, power, and your riches.”

Martin Burnell, Auckland, New Zealand

Free Advice

Because free advice and feedback are given to Inner Circle members, there is a strict upper limit on the number of active members John Seiffer can handle at any one time.  At no time in the ten year history of The Circle have the numbers been allowed to rise above this level.  Before I tell you the benefits of becoming a subscriber, I have to make one thing very clear.

The only thing I ask from Inner Circle students is a commitment to honesty - both with themselves, and towards the society in which they live.  One part of Inner Circle teaching is spent in exposing the illusions or 'con-tricks' which conspire to keep you poor, trapped and powerless.  To expose these illusions I have to tell you the blunt truth - about yourself and about the world.  Some people find Inner Circle materials to be shocking, or even offensive.  In short, people do not like having their security blanket snatched away from them!  They would rather believe the fairy-tales.


So, if you are not prepared to have your illusions stripped away and to be exposed to the naked spotlight of truth, then forget about joining my group.  I will tell you here and now that you cannot become a powerful, wealthy and free individual if you 'sign up' for one or more illusions.  Money is made in this world by facing the facts of reality.  Power and freedom are obtained by waking up to the truth about yourself, other people and the world.

Those who Wish to Control You!

For example, have you noticed how seemingly impossible it is to make more than a modest wage, without someone trying (successfully) to take it away from you?  It is almost as if there is a giant conspiracy to keep you just above the poverty line.  Have you noticed that?  Strange, isn't it?  Just when you think you are getting ahead of the game, WHAM! along comes something to knock you down, time after time.

It doesn't seem to matter how much you struggle and strive, you never quite seem to make it.  True, or what?  Have you ever wondered why, despite an epidemic of religion across the globe, the world is still a mess?  Have you ever questioned the vast scale of government, bureaucracy and Big Brother control and wondered where it was all leading?  Have you ever sighed in frustration at the distorted lies of the media and wondered if you are ever told the truth about anything?

Are you sick to death of never having enough money even to pay your bills, let alone enjoy the good things in life?  And are you heartily tired of being pushed around by society, bosses, spouses, religions, governments and anyone else who feels like conning you out of your life values?

One final question: Are you prepared to DO something about improving your life - something which works?  If so, you may consider applying to join Inner Circle .

Your Personal Guide

When you join the Circle, John will personally guide you to these goals as I have guided others for the last ten years.  Every month you will receive a pack containing confidential materials which will allow you to progress up through the levels of POWER, FREEDOM and WEALTH.  There are ten levels in all, and you receive one level per month.  As you complete each level, you will find that you have risen in personal power, and that your financial life starts to come more under your control.  All materials are strictly secret, and I would ask you not to reveal any information to anyone of a lower grade than yourself.  You will understand why I insist on this, when you see the nature of the materials!





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