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Check out the site makeover [Makehits.co.uk gets a makeover]

U2 Exclusive: [The Edge's stage setup revealed]

Sweetwater fantastic free draw [what a prize]

Subscriber's Section [ session players are they that good? ]

The gags: ..... [ The Italian Way – from Willie.]

Check out the site makeover [Makehits.co.uk gets a makeover]

Yes, at last the site overhaul is in full flow … one page per day is the goal of the IT team. http://www.makehits.co.uk

Check out the first page and let me have feedback …

1) Do You Like It visually?

2) Is the navigation good? [all the link pages will be changed over next week]

3) What can we do to assist YOU?

One of the innovations will be a simple to operate page that will feature all the courses we offer so that any Member who has had a course in the past can now have the update [we revise the courses every year] or a replacement should the course have been lost or the download files corrupted or wiped.

We are offering this service as so many Members get in touch re. updates and replacements … despite my initial advice to copy every course to a safety place or print the hard copy.

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U2 Exclusive: [The Edge's stage setup revealed]

I have often listened and looked in awe at the amount of gear that The Edge has to work with on his live shows … now I have found an article that details this immense amount of gear.

Surpises? Yep, as I always say, no matter how much the artists protests his ‘endorsee’ status , he or she will always have that Marshall amp tucked away somewhere … in The Edge’s case a 50 Watt Marshall head backstage out of view … while all the amps on view are Vox …

The one bit of kit I expected, and yes, it is there … the ubiquitous Eventide H3000 harmonizer … a stunning bit of kit, expensive and quite ancient … but it makes huge multi sounds ‘gettable’ in a live situation … as he proves.


Now can we have Brian May’s set up?

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“Hi Dec

I am a member of the serious writers guild. Have been for years now.

A brilliant opportunity, your way of thinking is life changing, anyone would do well to follow your guidance.

Please keep me on your email list, and best wishes to everyone involved with the 'The Serious Writers Guild'.

Best regards,

Steve Watkins”


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Subscriber's Section [ session players are they that good? ]


“Hi Dec,

Tell me about the session players through your career .

Were the brass players that good and could the rhythm players read music?


My Reply:

Our rules are "one short reply to ONE question on music FOR NON-MEMBERS, Members of 'The Serious Writers Guild' have unlimited personal access to Dec by direct telephone, Fax and Email, apply at https://secure.mistral.co.uk/makehits/swgappsecure.htm ".

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The brass and sax sections were certainly the 'usual' guys and played with the Ted Heath band ... which evolved into the Jack Parnell led band which resided at Elstree Studios [ATV as it was] in the UK.

Most of those guys played at BBC studios ... it seemed to be the same guys playing for every session, pop recording studio or TV ... incidentally they also played the major tours ... Jack Jones, Andy Williams, Richard Harris [McArthur Park] Tom Jones, Englebert. In the days when the promoters could afford big orchestras. I often saw trumpet players ordering pints of champagne ... FACT!

The new breed of brass and reed players are the performing guys who are herbal tea drinkers. Performing with Paul Anka on Parkinson a few weeks ago?

The problem was always with the rhythm sections ... the TV/Jazz rhythm sections just could not get their heads around Pop music. That is why basically two drummers, Ronnie Verrel and Clem Cattini were working non stop...with Andy White being the drummer who played on loads of band hits and remained totally anonymous [did I say being Ringo Starr?] He played on all our first hits.

8am - 9am TV/Film Jingles

10-1 .... studio ... Decca, Dinely, Wembley, Chappels, Pye, White House etc.

2.30-5.30 ... studio ... same

7pm-10pm ... studio ... same

It was the TV/film jingles that earned the most.

The bass players and guitar players were similarly working all hours that G*d sent them. The preferred Pop bass players were Frank Clarke [played on almost 100% of our stuff] Lennie Bush [jazz and Jack Parnell] was okay but didn't fill us with enthusiasm ... he was on almost every TV show. Dave Richmond .. flavour of the month .. but didn't suit me ... Dave Markie [hope I got the spelling right] ... favourite phrase was "who do you want me to be today" .. he was called in to replace so many rated bass players in bands. Herbie Flowers was the character ... and massively talented...still flavour of the month. Phil Spalding is the current 'kiddie'.

Guitar players were definitely divided into Pop session players and TV players [the jazz guys mostly got the TV gigs]. Big Jim Sullivan was the preferred lead player [became regular with Tom Jones] ... then Eric Ford, Brian Daly, Judd Proctor [a good jazz player who popped up on all sorts of sessions]. Vic Flick was legendary … read his current book Vic Flick – Guitar Man … most famous for his playing on all the James Bond music. http://www.vicflick.com/

Rhythm section guys, today, tend to stick to their specific genre .. although the busiest drummer in the UK today [Harold Fisher] plays every type of major session... just like Clem and Ronnie. We used his nephew Martin Davies for years... from age 15 ... what a drummer.

The latest breed of musicians are not only stunning and accurate when presented with any playing situation, whether reading dots or playing by the seat of their pants .. but they also can mime [synching with the pre recorded track] perfectly. The top guys, who have this art, make absolute $fortunes.... a pal of mine runs this facility with an agency ... not only makes a mint but has had two in the Top Ten in the UK recently with his real band.


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The gags: ..... [ The Italian Way – from Willie.]

A wealthy man was having an affair with an Italian woman for several years.

One night, during one of their rendezvous, she confided in him that she was pregnant.

Not wanting to ruin his reputation or his marriage, he told her he would pay her a large sum of money if she would go to Italy to secretly have the child if she stayed in Italy to have and raise the child, he would also provide child support until the child turned 18.

She agreed, but asked how he would know when the baby was born.

To keep it discrete, he told her to simply mail him a post card and write "Spaghetti" on the back. He would then arrange for child support payments to begin.

One day about 8 months later, he came home to his confused wife. Hiswife said, "Honey, you received a very strange postcard today."

"Oh, just give it to me and I will explain," he said.

His wife handed him the card and watched as her husband read the card, turned white and collapsed.

On the card was written: "Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti. Two with meatballs, one without! Request bread.".


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