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    How to be famous? [ my deepest and best thoughts ]
    Good advice on cheques and credit cards [ this could help a lot ]
    E-Mail Marketing in music [ a good tool if used right ]
    Subscriber's Section [ setting up EQ at live gigs ]
    The gags: ..... [ Psychiatrists vs. Bartenders ]

How to be famous? [ my deepest and best thoughts ]

There comes a time when you run out of brilliant ideas for a headline article? Yes?

And then I thought … what is the ultimate question that everyone in music, in business, in the Internet world and truly, in every world, wants to hear the answer to?

“How do I become famous?”

Coupled with the question: “How do I make a $Million?”

The answer is p*g easy……

Tomorrow morning … get up earlier … go to bed later … work harder … sleep less … exercise…. And most of all, action ideas that you know work.


But in music, so many guys just amble along, content with making their own music that has nothing to do with the money making, commercial, sellable music that I encourage all members of The Serious Writers Guild to be involved in.

Making a $fortune in music is actually so easy … the rules are there, the methods are there, the knowledge is there. All that you have to do is ask.

And the answer is at the end of an Email … just ask me! dec@makehits.com

"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom
unless he be vigilant in its preservation."

Good advice on cheques and credit cards [ this could help a lot ]

The next time you order cheques from your bank have only your initials (instead of first name) and last name put on them. If someone takes your cheque book, they will not know if you sign your checks with just your initials or your first name, but your bank will know how you sign your cheque.

Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, put "PHOTO ID REQUIRED”.

When you check out of a hotel that uses cards for keys (and they all seem to do that now), do not turn the "keys" in. Take them with you and destroy them.

Those little cards have on them all of the information you gave the hotel, including address and credit card numbers and expiration dates. Someone with a card reader, or employee of the hotel, can access all that information with no problem whatsoever.

"The best luck of all is the luck you make for

E-Mail Marketing in music [ a good tool if used right ]

Email marketing, if done correctly, in your music business, is one of the most effective network marketing tools available.

Now I am not condoning "spam" which is a practice widely used today. Spam is the sending of information (usually an ad for a product, service or opportunity) that the recipient did not request. Sending the same message to thousands of people, whose addresses were either purchased from someone or harvested from the Internet is frowned on by most people and illegal in some places.

You could be selling your music … you could be trying for gigs for your band.

If you build your own email list and it contains people who have done business with you in the past, that can be an extremely effective marketing tool. Someone who has done business with you in the past, is more likely to use you again if your product or service was up to expectations.

With that in mind, here are some highly effective methods to get your advertisement read:

Don't use a phony email address that looks like gibberish or appears to be coded such as 14sTTy@yourdomain.com - this is a dead giveaway of spam and will be summarily deleted by most people.

Don't use "URGENT" or "Re: Here's the information you requested" as the subject if they didn't actually request information from you. Many people use filters to automatically put emails with these subjects in their "trash Bin".

Don't use an email address such as friend@anydomain.com or addressed to friend@mydomain.com. I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone with the name of "friend", and I don't know anyone (nor care to) who calls me "friend".

Never require someone to write you via "snail mail" or call you (long distance at their expense) to be removed from your mailings. This will simply aggravate people who will pay no attention whatsoever to your ad. Face it - someone who doesn't want to receive email from you is not a potential customer. You should also never send multiple emails to the same person as that is also aggravating. This happens most of the time with addresses that are harvested from web sites without the owner’s permission.

Never begin your email with "Thank you for sending information on your music, now look at mine” or something similar. People know right up front that this is a "come on" as most of them who receive something like this are not in business.

If your email, has a statement that begins with "THIS EMAIL IS N0T SPAM..." or you have a statement that announces "Under Bill 1621 TITLE III passed by the Congress this letter - blah, blah, blah..." - bingo in the trash bin it will go.

So how can you use email marketing to your advantage in the network marketing game? If you do, you will realize the benefits of this very powerful tool. Build your own mailing lists and advertise in newsletters and Ezines. This will give you a "targeted" market that will result in business. Spam will get you very little in the way of business and could potentially get you into difficulty - not worth the risk.

If you keep your product or service in front of your potential clients on a regular basis, you will soon realize the fruits of your effort. One of the best ways, surprisingly, is not to try to sell them on your immediate offering. Get yourself a website and keep the contents there informative and up to date. Use email to let your customers know about the new additions, and give them something interesting to read.

Once you get people accustomed to going to your site, the rest is easy, and this "email marketing" will not only be your best course of action, but will pay dividends.

"The soldier above all others prays for peace,
for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear
the deepest wounds and scars of war."


Hi Dec,

Thank you for your excellent work on behalf of musicians and songwriters like me.

Nigel King



"There is no security on this earth; there is only

Subscriber's Section [ setting up EQ at live gigs ]

“Hi Dec,

Thank you ever so much for your advice the other day on balancing the EQ to a familiar song to get the sound system to suit the venue – it worked a treat. I’m so glad I have you as a mentor.




My Reply:

Our rules are "one short reply to ONE question on music FOR NON-MEMBERS, Members of 'The Serious Writers Guild' have unlimited personal access to Dec by direct telephone, Fax and Email, apply at https://secure.mistral.co.uk/makehits/swgappsecure.htm ".

[Any advice given here shall not be deemed as financial or legal advice under any existing or future laws of any country]


Glad I could help re. the EQ ..... now use that same track ALWAYS! We have been using the same Mariah Carey album for years now .... and we always make an announcement [without a mic.] to any staff, crew etc. who may be in the venue while the crew are setting up "the sound system will be extremely loud for the next five minutes .... it has to be checked at full volume ... then it will come back to show level ... so if you don't need to be here - please don't. Earplugs are available at the sound desk".

[ this is now required by law in the UK ]

This does a number of things .... it covers health and safety should any idiot claim their hearing was damaged ... it checks the system .... it gets rid of punters who try to sneak in early and delight in watching the crew working, and you sound checking.... it is polite .... it then allows you to bring the system down to very quiet so the management will assume that is the level you will work at .... saves all the warnings from annoying managements ["they don't like it too loud here, y'know"]

We also check our second mini disc system with a ‘Kool and the Gang’ track [more dancy] ... which has a different feel and tonal quality ... this then gives us a complete check of the whole concert system.

By the way, if you ever get to use a multiple cross-over system [ours is three way] the sound boy should check each individual segment ... bottom, mid, top to ensure that the correct speakers are working in relation to the cross-over ... it also checks that ALL the speakers are working. Our guy physically walks around every speaker to check.


Dec [Cluskey] dec@makehits.com

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became Picasso." Pablo Picasso

The gags: ..... [ Psychiatrists vs. Bartenders ]

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a fear of someone under my bed at night. So I went to a shrink and told him 'I’ve got problems. Every time I go to bed I think there's somebody under it. I'm scared. I think I'm going crazy.'

'Just put yourself in my hands for one year,' said the shrink. 'Come talk to me three times a week and we should be able to get rid of those fears..'

'How much do you charge?'

'Eighty dollars per visit,' replied the doctor.

'I'll sleep on it,' I said.

Six months later the doctor met me on the street. 'Why didn't you come to see me about those fears you were having?' he asked.

'Well, Eighty bucks a visit three times a week for a year is an awful lot of money! A bartender cured me for $10. I was so happy to have saved all that money that I went and bought me a new pickup!'

'Is that so!' With a bit of an attitude he said, 'and how, may I ask, did a bartender cure you?'

'He told me to cut the legs off the bed! - Ain't nobody under there now !!!’”


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  • “Hi Dec £170,000 I've made in the past six months ... so many projects I haven't a minute. Number 4 in Music Week chart ... can't wait for next year ... they are predicting huge chart success for my productions. Unbelievable.
    D**** E****”

  • Enjoy video for a song I co-wrote with extraordinary Dutch singer Jenny Lane.
    I have 2 co-written songs on her great new album Monsters.
    Thanks for all the continued support & advice... Mick Lee.

  • In 2010 film, just budgeted in LA, for full theatrical in the US for $8.7mill with Paul Kay attached.
    Two Liverpool 08 commissions. First with 200 choir Second a major CD Brass Band album with Fairey Brass Band ... Phil Lawrence [UK]

  • I had my first Top Ten Hit in Germany as a songwriter, great things are happening ... I'm on tour all over Europe with the band that I'm producing. We're the official support act for 50 Cent. 15 shows in the greatest countries of Europe. Marcell Brell [Germany]

  • We played The Cavern Club in Liverpool
    Patchwork Grace were the best thing they'd ever seen!!
    Ian - Thanks again Dec! [UK]

  • I was asked to play at the Pepsi Music festival in Buenos Aires. The most important festival held on the whole South American continent. it lasts 10 days every major local star, as well as many international acts like Megadeath, The Wailers, Die Toten Hose, etc. Thanks again Dec ... Emiliano Canal [Argentina]

  • Recently I have finished a score for an independent movie called “Treehouse”. I am now composing tracks for various music libraries for licencing and am also discussing publishing the MUNKIE catalogue with various publishers. Jason Clarke. [N. Ireland]

  • This is Yosi & Ofir Nafkar from Israel member of The Serious Writer Guild Membership No NET0778030W. We wrote music for an Australian Movie By Kerry Bowden. She is a great woman who helps children in need. The movie and the music had a great success. Together we gathered 1million$. [Israel]

  • Hi Dec, some good news regarding my girlfriend Erin's songs, 3 are being used on a new American TV show. Anyway thanks again for your invaluable support, knowing your there makes this leap into the publishing world feel a lot safer ... Roger O'Donnell [The Cure]

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