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"No man can produce great things who is
not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself." James Russell Lowell

    Oh My! We were hit again. [ Listen to this and beware! ]
    Gibson unveils the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited [is this the ultimate guitar?]
    But my friend is so unhappy. [are you in the same boat?]
    Subscriber's Section [ How to promote your music? ]
    The gags: ..... [ Relax …. From Willie ]

Oh My! We were hit again. [ Listen to this and beware! ]

I got an Email from my daughter in law [who we all love] … a typical Email saying “just click on this link … you will love it” … I did, because it was from her.

Turned out someone had inserted a Trojan virus into her laptop, probably through an attachment or a link given.

They got her entire address book and Emailed the message to all using her Email address. The link was to a usual looking v**gra type site. Then the nightmare started. Every time we booted up the laptop [which is isolated from our mainframe] showed a Drive C error with a request to check the disc … this took 15 minutes each time … I took it to our expert …. Yep, there was a script inserted in our C Drive but it could not be located or removed even with sophisticated cleaning. That took him all day.

So now you know the real reason why no music business will click on your link? We have been wary in the past and music guys have got upset with us … now, we will not follow any link or open any attachment .. and that is a policy we will not change. You would be wise to adopt the same.

"All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely
action." James Russell Lowell

Gibson unveils the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited [is this the ultimate guitar?]

Priced at an eye-watering $6180 this could easily turn out to be the most coveted guitar of all time. Wow… I want one!

With Robot Guitar automated tuning capabilities, two different but seminal magnetic pickups, a piezo-loaded bridge, and Chameleon Tone Technology courtesy of its Master Control Knob (MCK), the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited packs a dizzying array of sonic capabilities, all primed to unlock your inner creative potential.
Read on:

"Greatly begin. Though thou have time, but for a line, be that sublime. Not
failure, but low aim is crime." James Russell Lowell

But my friend is so unhappy. [are you in the same boat?]

Sandy and I had dinner with friends recently. One friend was complaining about her job. From her perspective, there was no way out of the misery she felt at her place of work. Bad boss. Bad hours. Bad pay. You name it, it was bad.

Later we were joined by other friends. As "chance" would have it, one of the new friends had connections where our complaining friend worked. He gave our unhappy friend a name of a guy, and said he could help her resolve her issues. He went on to say that this connection was a supervisor, head of many departments, and could probably resolve whatever was wrong.

I was stunned. So was Sandy. We were seeing magic happen right before our eyes.

But what did our unhappy friend do with her new lead and new hope?

She dismissed it. She just continued on griping. She didn't write down the name or the number, or show any signs that something wonderful had just occurred.

Do you see how this works? Sometimes we can self-sabotage the things we say we want. We simply dismiss the good.

Music guys often write me and ask what one single product can they get that will transform their lives. When I tell them I so loved the art of performing that I financed, recorded and now market ‘The Art of Live Performing’ the ten month audio program … which I market at almost a loss situation to help performers actually get to know what money making performing is all about.

Go to http://www.liveperforming.com

Yet some people complain, "It cost $177." Ah, of course it cost money. Are you going to pay it and get what you want or are you going to dismiss the greatest performing-help material of all time? Do you want the opportunity to have the success you say you want or not?

Let me end this with another example:

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail about a new audio-program about dissolving illusions. I read the piece but dismissed it. I figured it was simply stuff I had already heard before.

Then today I got another Email, this time from a different source, but selling the exact same audio program. I read it over closely. I thought, "This is interesting, but I bet there's little new in it." I then placed the Email aside.

An hour or so later, as I was looking over and editing this very article you're reading right now, I suddenly realized that I was doing the very thing I am warning you not to do: I was dismissing an opportunity to learn.

I dug out the mailing, filled out the order form, and went on line to order. The audios are on the way.

The point is not that you buy everything that comes your way, but that you don't dismiss everything that comes your way.

Sometimes a dismissal is a mask. It's your self-sabotage at work, keeping you where you're at. To grow, you must allow.

Again, you are the final authority on your life. Tune in to yourself and do what's right for you. And as you do this, be alert to those times when you may be dismissing the next gift to come your way.

"I don't do many things. But if I do one, I do it well. I don't give half.
I don't like not to be perfect."
Nadia Comaneci


“Hi Dec,

Thanks man my music is doing good. Thanks for the help. Jamar Palmore”

"You should also appreciate the goodness around you,
and surround yourself with positive people."
Nadia Comaneci

Subscriber's Section [ How to promote your music? ]

“Hi Dec

A lot of questions for you ….

[Too long to include … but you will see them in my answer]




My Reply:

Our rules are "one short reply to ONE question on music FOR NON-MEMBERS, Members of 'The Serious Writers Guild' have unlimited personal access to Dec by direct telephone, Fax and Email, apply at https://secure.mistral.co.uk/makehits/swgappsecure.htm ".

[Any advice given here shall not be deemed as financial or legal advice under any existing or future laws of any country]


This Email you sent did not get though [a mystery?]

<<<<<<<<The scene today really is about predominantly young people making music and buying music, wouldn't you say?>>>>

Correct .... Although I prove the opposite ... Don't you think? As do a lot of the Members. You are correct that a career as a performer has always been reserved for the young ... Although again there are many exceptions ... Bing Crosby is still recognised as one of the biggest sellers ever ... He was 39 when he had his first hit. Sheryl Crow?

<<<<<<<<Are you saying it's not possible to do it any other way?>>>>>

What I say is 98% correct .... There will always be exceptions .... The Internet way is not the 'easy option' that all music makers want. It is simply an 'add-on' to doing it the accepted Industry Standard way.

<<<<<<Do you consider it a waste of time signing up to, say, 'iTunes' or making an amateur music video for 'MySpace'?>>>>

They are simply 'add-ons'. On their own - worthless. MySpace is used by the Industry as a quick way to check the popularity of an act or artist ... Therefore it can work totally against a newly uploaded artist with few 'friends' and a quiet 'forum'.

<<<<<<<<<a recording artiste - if they are looking for material surely they will be open to hearing new songs whether they are 'finished' recordings or basic 'demos'?>>>>>

This gets back to realising that Celine Dion has a back log of 6 months of jiffy bags which her people 'supposedly' will listen to. Why should they? They know that the material will be 25 years too late! There is only one Industry Standard way of presenting material. Celine Dion's people will only listen to material presented in the Industry Standard way ... As Diane Warren would send it, or Cathy Dennis.

<<<<<<it's futile attempting to get any kind of song to anyone unless you can get it performed.>>>>>

Correct. Unless it 'stinks' of a hit, which some tracks do. Mostly, record companies etc. want to see a song 'working'.

<<<<<<<What happens, for instance, if Will Young writes a song?>>>>>

He will automatically perform it to 'check it out'. He is surrounded by guys [who will co-write] that will make sure the song is a Chart Hit.

<<<<<<<<You seem positive that there is only one way to do things, in which case how do other people make it?>>>

The 'other people' do it exactly the same way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2% will have success in some different way. Jane McDonald? Some of the Soap Stars?

<<<<<<<<You seem to be saying that the only way I MIGHT get it to anyone that matters is by investing in your demo consultation service.>>>>>

Not at all! If you have a fantastic potential hit record and approach record companies, production companies, managements and agencies with it in the way I set out, then if the song proves itself, they will snap it up! Who wouldn't? If it 'stinks' of a hit they will run with it.... They most probably will want to see it working to a crowd, however.

I would still say, that the Demo Consultation Service is the BEST and cheapest available way to check out music for the 'selling' market ... If you know a better way, please let me know.


Any other service I know of just put ticks on the boxes of a pre printed sheet, one or two inane comments: "great song, don't forget to send any more songs you have [ and send your hard earned money!]"

<<<<<<<<It may just be that much of my material does not have a big market out there. >>>>

Then you have not followed what I say in 'How To Make A $Million From Your Music'. Simple as that! I emphasis over and over that you MUST create music that the record buying public NEED ... Not what you feel they NEED.

<<<<<<<< I find it de-motivating to produce without realistic avenues into the business, >>>>

I have given you the 'avenues' in 'How to Make A $Million' ... You also have direct access to me?

<<<<<<<I wrote a 'chill-out' piece called "Deep Space" recently purely for the enjoyment of doing it, yet also knowing that there is a small market for this out there too.>>>>>

There is a MASSIVE market for chill out music... Provided it is better than what is around at the moment... Chill out music moves forward in style and construction faster than any other style of music.

<<<<<<There are so many amazingly talented singer-songwriters and bands out there that slog away at gigs and promotions without much reward.>>>>>>

Where? Name one? If they have what the public want it is impossible to fail. Repeat - IMPOSSIBLE.

<<<<<<<<. I want to do it a different way.>>>>>>

And that is probably where you make the biggest mistake! There is no point in making all the same mistakes all over again, that others have made. As I say so many times: "If you have had no success so far doing it your own way then you must be making a few, if not a lot of mistakes"

<<<<<<<<I imagine you often consider where the industry is heading? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.>>>>>

I have a very simple philosophy in music .... I give the public what they want, using all the tools available. The music industry is getting better and better .... There will always be the need for Hit Songs. It is not getting harder or easier - it has always been exactly the same: a business where you find what the public want and give it to them ... Just like any other business. Find your market and satisfy your market.

<<<<<<<<<I don't know if you ever did visit my website and listen in to a song or two. I understand if your schedule is busy.>>>>>

You are correct, I did not. For the simple reason [which anyone in the business will tell you] it is far too dangerous... Even though I respect you completely, D***, the chances of picking up Moviepaz and Movieland viruses from sites with music [other than MySpace etc.] is huge .... The last time it cost us two days of no work and a very expensive bill for an expert, working two full days, to repair. We were hit again two weeks ago …. And even MySpace is reporting problems.

As I have said so many times, the Industry Standard way is by CD ....... Although MySpace is quite accepted but proving increasingly dangerous..

But think about this: I use a laptop all day long [this is written on laptop].

The speakers on laptop are tiny. Most people who upload to MySpace do not have their music Mastered, therefore the volume and density is much lower and quieter than commercial CD. In fact, sometimes it is hard to even hear it!

So which is better? Listening to a laptop or a CD through the main studio speakers? I rest my case.

Regards .. I am always here for you.

Finally, D***, as I have heard from so many successful businessmen [and we are in BUSINESS] "don't do it your own way, do it the SUCCESSFUL way"


Dec [Cluskey] dec@makehits.com

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"I don't run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run
toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath
your feet."
Nadia Comaneci

The gags: ..... [ Relax …. From Willie ]

“Jake was dying. His wife, Becky, was maintaining a candlelight vigil by his side. She held his fragile hand, tears running down her face. Praying roused him from his slumber. He looked up and his pale lips began to move slightly.

"Becky my darling" he whispered. "Hush my love" she said "Rest, don't talk". He was insistent. "Becky, he said in his tired voice, I have something that I must confess". "There's nothing to confess" replied the weeping Becky "everything's all right, go to sleep"."No, no. I must die in peace Becky. I slept with your sister, your best friend, her best friend and your mother!"

"I know my sweet one" whispered Becky "Relax, let the poison work"


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  • Enjoy video for a song I co-wrote with extraordinary Dutch singer Jenny Lane.
    I have 2 co-written songs on her great new album Monsters.
    Thanks for all the continued support & advice... Mick Lee.

  • In 2010 film, just budgeted in LA, for full theatrical in the US for $8.7mill with Paul Kay attached.
    Two Liverpool 08 commissions. First with 200 choir Second a major CD Brass Band album with Fairey Brass Band ... Phil Lawrence [UK]

  • I had my first Top Ten Hit in Germany as a songwriter, great things are happening ... I'm on tour all over Europe with the band that I'm producing. We're the official support act for 50 Cent. 15 shows in the greatest countries of Europe. Marcell Brell [Germany]

  • We played The Cavern Club in Liverpool
    Patchwork Grace were the best thing they'd ever seen!!
    Ian - Thanks again Dec! [UK]

  • I was asked to play at the Pepsi Music festival in Buenos Aires. The most important festival held on the whole South American continent. it lasts 10 days every major local star, as well as many international acts like Megadeath, The Wailers, Die Toten Hose, etc. Thanks again Dec ... Emiliano Canal [Argentina]

  • Recently I have finished a score for an independent movie called “Treehouse”. I am now composing tracks for various music libraries for licencing and am also discussing publishing the MUNKIE catalogue with various publishers. Jason Clarke. [N. Ireland]

  • This is Yosi & Ofir Nafkar from Israel member of The Serious Writer Guild Membership No NET0778030W. We wrote music for an Australian Movie By Kerry Bowden. She is a great woman who helps children in need. The movie and the music had a great success. Together we gathered 1million$. [Israel]

  • Hi Dec, some good news regarding my girlfriend Erin's songs, 3 are being used on a new American TV show. Anyway thanks again for your invaluable support, knowing your there makes this leap into the publishing world feel a lot safer ... Roger O'Donnell [The Cure]

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