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“Cheers Dec,
How is it that everything you write is so motivating and makes life so much fun?
What has happened is a remarkable story:

I made $10,000,000 in 20 emails, 1 weeks work, composing a letter. It was learnt from your letter at the end of 'How To Make A Million'. I think it's one of the best books ever written. It was a one off experiment. I always usualy do everything by letter and phone call and meeting exactly as you say.
Everything you say is amazing.
$10,000,000 ”

[Serious Writers Guild Member]























Member’s Success Story:

Hi Dec
It's Yossi Nafkar (Roni) israel

First we want to thank you for all the great help. no doubt you are the ultimate and best source for singers bands and song writers.
for the last 7 years we don't stop to study carefully your program - and we can say that every word is a solid Gold.

Yossi And Ofir Nafkar
 [Serious Writers Guild Members Israel]






































"Best Studio Gear for 2016?"


Dec in the Documentary on his band The Bachelors 2016  

The Boss [Dec] in Action in the Documentary

on his band 'The Bachelors' in March 2016

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Probably the best advice available

on Studio gear ...

to buy or simply look at on your wish list for 2016

You don't have to buy the stuff - just know about it.


Free|tips writing acting|music|producing|songwriting Apple Mac

Still the most important start point of your studio set up ...

Microsoft simply does not hack it .... you will find this out yourself and I hope you don't waste any serious money on Microsoft upgrades ... which Apple has already. If you are serious use Mac.

Free|tips writing acting|music|producing|songwriting Protools

The Industry standard .... now with annual subscription for free upgrades .... simply the best.

The phone help line help is still dreadful ... they should improve to acepted industry standards. My experience since Protools 12 was launchd has been not so good.

Free|tips writing acting|music|producing|songwriting Great acoustics are still essential

Make sure your walls/floor/ceiling are of the softest, warmest, acoustically perfect material.

Then add in Red 100 mic. enhancement


red100.jpg from www.studiospares.com

Dec Says:  Simply the best improvement you can make in your studio.

The latest innovation is again from Studiospares ... called the ISOCUBE

Isocube mic. enhancer


Micophone sits inside the cube and, with a pop shield in front, it means the microphone just receives exactly what the singer/guitar player/musician is giving out.

I can honestly  say that I have not tried it yet but the idea appeals to me ... I can't wait to receive it .... an amazing and simple idea and has to work brilliantly... I just wish I had thought of it.

Free|tips writing acting|music|producing|songwriting Microphones

Don't even think about spending major money on microphones ... the acoustics in your room are much more important ... no microphone can make a vocal sound better - but good acoustics will. For basic recording, especially in the Pop Industy, Shure SM58 is still the accepted standard. for almost all applications.

I personally like the Shure KSM27 condenser microphone [which I am looking at right now in my studio]. It simply seems to give the best representation of any sound I am working with in my beautifully acoustically perfect studio [not boasting ... just fact]

Free|tips writing acting|music|producing|songwriting Monitors

Again, not a lot has changed in years ... still the Yamaha NS10 is the preferred monitor ... if you can source them [Ebay maybe?]

Studiospres now do a very acceptable modern day version ... the SN10.

Free|tips writing acting|music|producing|songwriting Earphones

Again the game has not changed for twenty/thirty years ... the Beyer Dymanic DT100 earphones are the best, worldwide choice for earphones ... I expect to see them no matter where I record in the world ... I am hugely dissappointed if they are not offered.

Free|tips writing acting|music|producing|songwriting Plug ins

One instrument plug in, that seems to offer more than most, is 'Anologue Lab' by Arturia.com

Simply a huge amount of astonishing analogue sounds programmed by some of the most innovative producers in the world ... so many differing sounds that you will be fuddled on which to choose.

Great cusotmer service, by the way!

Free|tips writing acting|music|producing|songwriting DAW

A great number to choose from now that Protools can be used universally on any DAW.

My choice would be Focusrite ... a legendary name in mic. preamps. the choice of so many world class pruducers, including me.

Now their DAW hardware and software is creating new standards is 'superbness' ...I use thier 'Pro 40' of choice .... brilliant bit of kit ... a little trcky to get the most out of but their customer service and back up is quite sensational. You will love it.

Free|tips writing acting|music|producing|songwriting Drums

Native Drums still seem to be the favourite for drums. your choice on how you want to use the samples and drun kits.


All members of The Serious Writers Guild can call Dec direct on his private phone line to his desk to discuss any points. 


As a modern day music maker you simply have to get to terms with the latest Dante Protocol .... a digital solution for transferring massive amounts of information over any distance you like in a live auditorium or even a studio environment ... snakes and multicores are a thing of the past ... simply Google 'Dante' and look at the YouTube information about this revolutionary method of transferring any audio or file information.

Dante - the latest transfer protocol

Best of luck with your project ... with the ideas above there is no excuse ... oh, except that you have to know what a hit record is and how to write it and produce it .... where do you learn that?  The Serious Writers Guild ... membership simply by purchasing "How To Make A $Million From Your Music"


Dec is Dec Cluskey, Multi Million selling recording, Live. TV and Film star. Educator.
His ' Serious Writers Guild' has propelled many into huge music careers.

Check out "How To Make A $Million From Your Music" the entry point for membership of The Serious Writers Guild. Simply purchase this award winning ten month distance learning course and get automatic lifetime membership of the Guild.

Our difference is that we really care.



Dec in action - live      Regards from Dec [email me?]




This Article was written by Dec Cluskey.

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